Typical Day


It wasn’t a very good day for Mike he has been transferred to the STU the unit that house the aggressive patients. This was because Mike punched the attending Psychiatric, as well as displaying aggressive behavior for no apparent reason. It is a shame that this happened because Mike has not had an incident for over four weeks and plans were in place to place him in a less restrictive lodge unit. Now those plans are out the window and he has assault charges looming which may send him back to Rikers Island for a couple of months.

As a consolation Dora seemed to be pleased and she was very talkative.  However much of what she spoke about were just repeats of what she spoke about in the in the past. One new thing that she did mention was that one of the administrative Nurses who promised to take her shopping on the outside fulfilled the promise.  Dora didn’t buy too much stuff, but she enjoyed being away from the Psych Ward for a period of time.  Dora also mentioned that she has been granted the privilege of going to the cafeteria two days a week. It’s a wonder she finds pleasure being away from the Psych Ward given that she does not want to make the choice of leaving (https://truegeorge.com/2016/11/06/borderline-personality/).

Chris asked the therapist if he could get some literature on the history of Islam. He said that Mike was encouraging him to speak on some black history in the auditorium when black history month arrives. Chris decided that he wants to speak about Islam. The Therapist put together an over view of the historical beginnings of Islam.  Well, since the therapist complied the information, he decided to make it the subject of discussion. A segment of the literature was summarized. Then the therapist asked Chris his opinion. The discussion went well and time pasted quickly. At least Chris was focused on one subject rather than his attention jumping all over the place, but his ideas and tendency to stay on topic needs work. However, the subject of Islam is a bit complex for him to speak on if he intends to follow through with doing a presentation on black history.  His mental capacity won’t allow him to have the attention span to make a speech on the subject of Islam. To top that off Chris is not even a Muslim. Perhaps the therapist didn’t get it at that moment that Chris was being delusional.

Lydia the anorexic patient started to put on weight because she started to eat a regular diet when the Psych Ward was evacuated to the big Psych Hospital in the city (https://truegeorge.com/2016/10/03/bonding/) .  She has now reverted back to her habit of refusing to eat. She also found a way to purge her food under the nose of the staff.  Her chart stated that she went down from 121 lbs to 110 lbs in a week. The staff does not know how she is doing it, but they suspect that she is doing it through the stomach tube. As a result, she must stay in the day room under observation and be shadowed if she wants to use the bathroom for two hours after a meal.  The only thing that Lydia keeps on mentioning is that she feels fat even though she is really malnourished.

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