Mental Power


mental power

At 16:00 hours I went to the meditation room in the camp’s chapel to run the past life regression program. Before starting the program I decided to do the energy exercise to install the vibrational state. When I performed that exercise, I felt as though I was entering a trance state, at which time I was exteriorizing energy, I saw some images that I could not make out, I didn’t wait  before those images became clear before I switched on the past life regression induction.

 When the past life regression induction started and listening to the induction and I followed the commands; after a while I did not hear the commands, and then I heard a big breeze blow. It blew so hard that it shook the tent, and I could feel the breeze.  Then I heard the room door open even though the lock was on. It looked like the Chaplin’s assistant came into the room, and then I saw that the room appeared larger then what it is and there was curve; also it appeared that the entrance to the room had a double door.

I saw the doors open and a female walked in. Then I saw the Chaplin come in after her. When he came in it he put on a record on a record player, but I knew that it couldn’t possibly be the Chaplin and there was no record player in the room. It certainly looked like extra physical beings doing activity.

My head started to lean forward, so I leaned back wards so that my head could rest on the chair’s back. I looked up and I saw something that looked like three lighten bolts. One on the left, one in the middle, and one on the right, it came down and it hit me and I could feel and see that my body was engulfed in light; and that the light circulated throughout the room; after the illumination of light dissipated there was darkness, and I started to hear the induction from the past life regression astralware again. The voice sounded like Mr.Spock, at that time I saw an image, it was in a space ship.

 It seems that there was at least three or more beings that wanted to be transported, except for the transportation was done on mental power, the other beings were upset because me being a human did not know if I had the mental power to make the transportation happen. However I heard the induction say that I had to concentrate, and concentrate; as this was going on I saw that the mental power was being generated and that the ship was being lifted off the earth. After the ship left the earth, I saw that I was in an area in the ship, and that the mental power to generate gravity in the ship was not happening, and that I started to float. I put on this magnetic device that locked me in place in a compartment, when that happened, I saw some robots being activated to run the ship’s functions as the mental power moved the ship through space until it came to its destination. The destination was a large mother ship; a hatch opened up under the mother ship, the space that the hatch covered was in the shape of the ship, and the ship fit right into the space and the hatch closed.

 After the ship entered the mothership everything went black. Even though I had some lucidity all I saw was nothing but darkness.  After that brief period of darkness, I heard the induction say to go to the house where I had lived, after that I found myself in the street in New York City where I live. I was in front of my building; it appeared that the building was abandoned, and it looked like the building was damaged by fire. I went inside the building; while I was walking through the hallway, and going up the stairs. I saw carpeting that looked like the one that we had in the house where I used to live when I lived in England. I went into my apartment and I went into my bedroom; upon entering the bedroom; I saw that the walls were blue, and that there were two beds in the room.

 Then I heard the induction say to “look on the wall, at the calendar;” when I looked on the wall and I saw a calendar and I looked at the date; the date stayed for a few seconds, it seemed like it said, June 2005, or January 2005, then the date disappeared. Then I saw the date that appeared to look like June 2026, then that date disappeared, and the date that appeared after that looked like June 1879.

 Then I heard the induction say” look in the mirror,” I was standing in front of the dressing room table. I saw myself wearing a military uniform, it was green camouflage, and then I saw some equipment in the corner. It was the M16 magazine holder that I wear around my chest. Then I saw an old army peak hat, it looked old, and something the British army wears. There were piles of old army uniforms, some were gray, and some were made of wool and was green. Then I saw other figures appear in the room. I saw D, a member of my squad appear, and two other figures whom I did not recognize. I saw piles, of old uniforms, magazine holders, then I saw a bag that my mother use to own that I used to go in and look what was inside it when I was a child. After that when the induction said to “leave and go on,” all that I saw was darkness, at that time the induction talked about going back to the house where you grew up. At that point in time the trance state ended and it seemed that I could not go back into trance.

 This time around, I see a pattern that there will see extraphysical activities before one could move onto a next level. The extra physical beings could either do actions to prevent you from going to the next level, or that paying attention to those extra physical beings you will not be able to go to the next level.

It also made me curious and I will check out what were the events that place in in 1879

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