Brain Massage

It was 1:00 am and  before I turned in for the night I spent some time in the internet café, and after that  went over to the dining facility for a bite to eat since it was still open serving midnight chow. When I was back in my space in the squad’s tent I took out the new entrainment CD that arrived early during the day. This one is called “brain massage,” CD, a relaxation CD that combines music, nature sounds and frequency waves. While listening to the CD, and doing the vibrational state exercises, I started to see scenes that felt like I was actually in that particular place.

The first scene that I saw was the ocean. I was in the ocean, with dolphins, unfortunately, this fragment of experience became too distorted to make any conscious sense when I sat down to record this particular experience.

This second scene had more of an impact, because it was as though I had been attacked. I was in a room and I was surrounded by a group of people; I could not identify any of those people, they suddenly jumped on me and when that action took place I was taken out of the state. I don’t know whether that was a surfaced memory, or extra physical contact, however I will be watching for any patterns of things such as that experience.

The third one had happened during the intermission after the CD finished. I was in castle and it was though I was a female, and I was given either a bracelet or a ring with a symbol on it. It was taken from the castle wall, from something that was hanging from the wall. I had seen that somebody was upset that the jewelry was missing, and that he had discovered that it was on me who had it. It seemed that he had killed me over it.

There were also some other scenes, that centered on the castle. This time the scene took place during modern times. It had something to do with sneaking into the house during the morning hours. The other events were also too distorted to make conscious sense of it.

Perhaps one day I will find a way to unlock all the hidden shadows that the protective mind is covering up. At least reach a level of conscious to be ready for what is going to be revealed.

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