Long Distance

Got to know a beautiful woman; we often talked and went out a couple of times. The hopes were to call on her for regular sessions of love making. For some reason she wasn’t game; what is it about some women who feels that they have more to offer then sex. Don’t you just hate it when they pick up on the notion that you don’t really want to know what they are thinking; as if men will truly understand what is in the mind of a female.

 But due to being young there was a lack of patience she became secondary to others who were game. But still, even though there was no real romantic moves we kept in touch, even has she slipped through my fingers and got married to some other dude. She moved away to the west coast, but somehow maintained contact even though it was long distance.      

So now since the distance is far away, I’m just an ear or door mat listening to her spilling her heart out and sharing everything that moves her emotionally. This does me no good; she just wants to cry on a shoulder. Hell, there is little chance of getting her all. After all what else is she good for?

Then fate dealt a hand, and she got divorced; keeping up with the long distance phone calls she is now crying how lonely she is and that she needs someone to hug. Being that we’ve maintained this long distance relationship; there was some sort of empathy, or was it some type of sympathy; to think that this woman doesn’t want to become adventurous because she feels all the men around her just wants nothing but to have sex with her. Same attitude, feeling she has more to offer then just sex.   

But since, we have this long distance phone relationship; she wants someone like me, a person who actually talks to her. An opportunity has come to capture her completely. I already have her heart and mind, now to get everything else. So, I say, come on baby, you can spend the week with me and  I can hug you all day if you want me too.

She arrives; we were both elated to see each other; but then spending the day with her helping her run errands and take care of some business. During that time, this woman’s true colors started to show. To sum it up, this bitch is crazy.

Oh hell no, if I touch this woman; she is going to latch onto me like a leech. Sucking emotional energy, and making my life a living hell. I need to put back the physical distance between her and me. The week couldn’t end fast enough. Now it’s back to the long distance phone call; but things are different now because I also put some distance on those calls too.  


  1. Hello True George,

    You did not hold back with this one, I like how you were honest and straight up about your intentions and thoughts et cetera in this post, as a man also I seem to be different than you on most of that so it was interesting seeing things from your point-of-view and some other men; and good luck with the distancing. 😀

    Thank you for sharing,
    -John Jr

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