Giant eel

Now that I am awake recording this dream, I found that many details of this experience are kinda vague.

It was about some type of intelligent monster roaming around an area on an island. The monster looked like a giant. Eel. Now if anyone watched the episode of Buffy the Vampire slayer when the town’s Mayor ascended and turned into a giant eel-like monster(see video below); then you have an idea how the giant eel looked like in this experience.

It seemed like the giant eel-like monster was offered a sacrifice. The giant eel-like monster accepted the person, but he did not eat the person but was taking her around. 

A plan was devised to replace the woman with another one while the giant eel-like monster was resting. The plan to take away the woman worked, except that no one replaced the woman that was taken away from the eel with another woman.

The giant eel-like monster wasn’t too happy about the removal of the sacrificed woman. Now, we find the island inhabitants including me were scrambling for a place to hide, to escape from the giant eel-like monster’s wrath. I found myself, going from place to place looking for a place to hide.

I came across a building, the building was semi-underground and secured, but the door was locked, and I couldn’t get in. So, I climbed the face of the building to see if I can enter through the windows.

The windows had a guard mesh, I managed to lift it up and squeeze through it. There was an inhabitant of the building. She didn’t want me to come in, but she couldn’t stop me from coming into the building to seek refuge either. The fear to hide from the monster was too great, and the desire to get away from the eel-like monster drove me to seek a hiding place.

I explained the situation to the building’s inhabitant, then there was a mutual agreement that we must do what we can to avoid the monster….

After that little talk with the building’s inhabitant, everything became too distorted to make any conscience sense out of it.

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  1. The eel would have translated as a night terror for me. I always wake up when I dream of monsters because I get too scared. Your dreams are so vivid. I think it speaks to a beautiful mind inside of you.


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