Wedding Blues

In this experience, it was centered on some type of wedding. It started out with a scene of a banquet hall, perhaps in some hotel. I was watching a scene of the head Waiter was upset because the family complained that table #1 was not served first.

The head Waiter was telling the Waiter tasked to deliver the food to make sure that it gets to table#1 first before serving the other tables. After all table #1 belongs to the bride and groom.

The strange thing about this scene is that the Waiter that was tasked to deliver the food didn’t resemble anyone that I know.

The Waiter had to wait until the food was ready before serving the wedding party. In the mean time, the Waiter served food to tables in the hotel’s regular restaurant. When that task was completed. The Waiter stopped by an ice cream fountain and had a vanilla ice cream. Then after that was consumed, he had a strawberry ice cream, and ate that and when he was preparing a chocolate ice cream, the head Waiter call him to deliver the food to the wedding party. The Waiter was specifically told to serve table #1 before serving the other tables.  

As the Waiter pushed the food cart, then the point of view changed. Now I am seeing the event through the Waiter’s eyes. The waiter pushed the food into the hall and was going around the tables. It was a long way to table number#1 and it was taking quite some time.

The other Waiters that were tasked to serve the wedding party came in with their food carts. But they were supposed to serve the other tables. They started to serve their tables, but the Waiter tasked to serve table #1 has not reached table #1 yet. In fact, he couldn’t find the table #1.

The other Waiters held off, I could see through the Waiter tasked to serve table#1 still going around other tables, but never reaching table #1.

Then the scenery changed. It was of one of those old churches. The wedding party’s family decided to take a family picture. A scaffold was erected, going to the top of the church’s steeples.  Each level was for a different generation of family members from the groom’s and bride’s family.

The top of the steeples was where the patriarch was supposed to be seated. But there was some problems erecting a plank of wood for the patriarch. But somehow, a structure was made for the old man.

But when the old man was placed on the plank of wood; the structure holding it in place collapsed, and the old man fell to the ground.

The photographer decided to take the photo of the rest of the family all lined up on the scaffold without including the old man.

The old man was upset; but the bride, groom and photographer assured the old man that he wouldn’t be left out of the final photo cut. They are going to photo shop him in, no one will know the difference….

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