Number Runner’s Wife

This experience was influenced by an episode of the Wu Tang Clan: An American Saga series on Hulu. The episode was about the Italian mobsters being shortchanged by one of their number runners. The person skipped town with the money, and the mobsters decided to collect from the number runner’s sister, who had nothing to do with running numbers, or the theft, or had any knowledge what her sister had done.

The dream’s version varied from the version in the Wu Tang Clan episode. The dream picked up with the mobsters demanding the stolen money; The representation of the mobsters were the same imagery that appeared in the Wu Tang Clan episode.

The variation was that the runner number was a male, that he disappeared. The mobsters wanted his sister who happen to work in one of their restaurants to repay the money. But the mobsters also had a trick up their sleeve.

The mobsters put it out there that the number runner hit the numbers and won a substantial amount of money. The mobsters were waiting for him to show up to collect.

But, instead of the number runner showing up to collect the jackpot, his wife showed up instead. When she showed up, they demanded the missing money. Only, the wife did not know where her husband took off too. They had been estranged for some time, and she too did not have any knowledge of the stolen money or had anything to do with the theft.

The mobster didn’t care, all they wanted was for someone to pay. Plus, they still had to make an example so that the other number runners wouldn’t pull the same stunt.

The fat mobster pulled out a shot gun and told both women, that they are going to be killed. But, he said that he is giving them a chance to live. He said if they can get past him and out of the restaurant into the street, then they can live.

The runner’s wife and sister looked at each other, the sister argued with the fat monster and asked why resort to killing them when she has someone who is bringing her the money.

But it looked like the runner’s wife was a bit defiant, she decided to see if she can escape. She ran and went for the entrance, the fat mobster pulled the shot gun’s trigger, the bullet missed the runner’s wife, but the path of the shot gun’s pellets was between the entrance door. So, the runner’s wife went to the other door to get out through the back.

The fat mobster pulled the trigger again, and has the runner’s wife was going through the door, she was hit by the shot gun’s blast and killed.

When the fat mobster turned around, he told the runner’s sister that if she doesn’t get the money to repay what was owed, she would be next.

The sister came back that night and paid off the debt. In the meantime, she notified the Police and told them what happened.

The Police managed to find the number runner. He was holed up at one of his girlfriend’s house. He was told what happened to his wife. That the sister paid off the debt. That he should go with them into witness protection because the monsters were still pissed that he ripped them off.  

The number’s runner didn’t know what the Police were talking about, that he gave the number proceeds and number slips, to a go between associate of the mobster. They were supposed to turn in the money to the mobsters.

Then the mob associates were contacted, they acknowledged that they have the money, except for the number slips were lost, and they didn’t know how much money they were supposed to turn in.

They didn’t want any problems with the mobsters if the money was short. So, they didn’t turn in the money. They put the money in a shoe box and hid it in their house’s celling in the interim.

They called the mobsters and told them that they had the money. The mobsters wanted to know how much they had. The associates didn’t know, but since they heard someone was killed over the incident, they decided that they must find out exactly how much they have,

The mob associate partner said, that we have to count out the money and make out the slips. The daunting task was done, and the money delivered to the mobsters.

The fat mobster asked the boss if he should return the sister’s money to her. The boss decided that the fat mobster should return the money to the sister, plus interest.

But, for the runner’s wife, nothing can be done to bring back the dead…..

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