DNA Match

            I don’t know what influenced this type of dream; I remember that I read something about a murder case in Texas, where two finally discovered who raped and killed their mother, who was murdered forty years ago.

The culprit turned out to be their football coach. Someone who was a trusted figure in their life. The least likely person that they would expect to do such a crime.

The coach got caught when the police decided to pick back up the cold case and gather the DNA that was on the evidence. Since the couldn’t find a match in the criminal database, they went to the ancestry site to see if they could find a match.

By chance, a match was found, linking the murder to the coach. To confirm that the coach is indeed the murderer, the Police discreetly went through the coach’s trash and took a sample of his DNA from the refused. The DNA from the coach’s refused done him in.

Well, given that the Police went to the ancestry site to see if they can get a match, made me think that the ancestry sites are also an accomplice to the Police when it is suppose to be a private company, where people are entrusting them with their DNA sample. Now unknown to many that same DNA sample are being used by the Police.

I recently sent the ancestry site a sample of my DNA for an analysis, now that I’ve learned that the DNA is also available for the Police to invade my privacy. I hope my ancestry search is worth it.

So the experience picked up with the Police coming to me and saying that they have a match that I was involved in a crime. A murder at that.

But, the Police knows that at the point in time when the murder was committed, that I was not in that area of the country, so I couldn’t possibly have done the crime. Instead, the police were asking me if I had any children, because the DNA match has implied that the crime was done by a child of mine.

Well, I had to ponder this development, because apart from the son that is living with me, I do not know that I have any other children.  

For the life of me I could not think or remember if I had been in that part of the country; then it darned on me I did pass through one of the boondocks somewhere in buttfuck, USA. A rural area where I bagged some redneck broad. Could she have become pregnant from our encounter.

Then the scene shifted to one of those rural areas with nothing but farmland, in the heart of somewhere in a buttfuck area of America.

The scene even manufactured a figure that represented my estranged son. It turned out that living a rural area where the nearest neighbor might be five miles away, and the nearest store an hour’s drive, has its challenges.

One may do crimes, and if they are calculated may get away with it. But now DNA has changed the game.

So I’ve gotten the feeling that the boy is indeed a killer, but not just any killer, he was a serial killer. Not sure how he got that way.

But, I observed the boy slaughtering a pig. It was not a humane slaughtering it was a butchering. I saw the boy, taking some type of metal and beat the pig until it died.

Then he got a knife and sliced the pig into two, gutting it and taking out the internal organs. He was getting ready to take it to his mother so that she can cook the meat.

Then after he was finished with the pig, he then gutted a chicken. The rest of the scenery looked like a scene that one would see in  horror movie.

The rest of the experience is sketchy, and doesn’t make any conscious sense. It is a good thing I don’t consciously recall the experience; it wasn’t a pleasant one.  

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