Lightning Strike

This was another profound experience; it all started when I saw images that I was in some sort of area that looked like the suburbs; it could have been any suburb but the house and neighborhood looked like some of the ones I saw in Arizona; but it could have also been in Queens in New York City, or even in New Jersey. All I know I was new to the neighborhood and staying at a relative’s house.

I was on the second floor of the house, looking out the window when the storm took place. It was an electrical storm and lightning was striking the open ground destroying everything it hit.

Then all of a sudden, I saw that there were high power lines appearing in the neighborhood. It was a sight to see the power line towers with the powerlines running from tower to tower just appearing one by one as though they were summoned.

Another strange thing happened, I started to see the earth rotate while I stood in place. The neighborhood was rotating as the earth was rotating on its axis. Yet my point of observation remained stationary.    

The houses and powerlines all rotated past the house that I was in, with me looking out the upper floor window observing the environment rotating under me.

Then things went back to normal, the earth rotating was not noticeable any more. However, the lightning started to strike the powerlines.  When the lightning struck the power lines you could see the high voltage from the falling power lines and lighten mingling, falling down, destroying everything in its path. While the neighborhood’s residents were scrambling to find shelter from the storm. 

My aunt got nervous and decided that we should get away from the storm. She told everyone to get in the car.

The car was one of those 1967 classic Cadilac Convertibles. We all jumped in the car and with my aunt she started driving away from the house to get away from the storm.

She was driving throughout the neighborhood; she didn’t leave it. She was just driving from place to place. I was wondering if my aunt knew what she was doing.  I asked her does she even have a place to take us too.

She drove around, until she decided to go back to the house. But she didn’t want to take the chance of parking the classic Cadilac convertible in the yard in case the powerline that passed through the yard fall down, hit and destroy the car.

She parked the car on the street a couple of blocks away from the house on the corner of a street where the powerlines were not present.

Everyone in the car got out and walked back to the house. I was the last one to exit the car. When I was walking back to the house, on the block where the car was parked. There were some neighborhood teenagers. They saw that I was new to the neighborhood; and being a new kid in the neighborhood, I was getting the new kid treatment.

The neighborhood teens wanted me to play a game of basketball. But I haven’t played basketball in years. I didn’t want to play, I didn’t want to put up with the aggravation of feeling the soreness that comes with activity that you suddenly start doing after not doing it for a long time.

I declined to join in the basketball game. But as I was walking, one of them threw the basketball while my back was turned to them. But I caught the ball before it hit the small of my back.

But when the basketball touched my hands, it turned into a football. I turned around and tossed the football back to the teens… I didn’t perceive any more interaction with the teens after I tossed back the football..

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  1. The first part of your dream with watching the storm come through the window was like one that I used to have that was recurring. Mine was also on the upper floor of the house (it was an old gray one). However the difference in mine was that it was a lone house in the middle of a field, and it wasn’t lighting, rather a tornado, that was coming for me.

    I wish I could still dream as vividly as that, but I think my meds stop it because I go straight into a deep sleep rather than what used to be my normal light sleep that then goes to the REM sleep.

    I wonder what the window on the second floor and a storm would signify in our lives.

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    • An interesting perspective, one thing that I tend to neglect is to do some type of dream interpretation to determine what is the message behind a dream, whether there is one, or can a dream be the mind’s way of keeping busy during the body’s intermission.
      I did a quick search on the web about watching a storm. Didn’t find any specific meaning that dreaming of watching a storm from the upper floor it, what I saw talks about dreaming of storms in general, whether it is a lightening storm, rains storm, thunder storm or tornado. It defines that the storms are a symbol of some type of inner conflict concerning work, relationship with others, or a change that is taking place, or something that needs to be changed. Also pent up emotions that is looking for an out let .
      Also watching a storm like lightening or a tornado destroying everything in its path could mean that some type of cleansing has taking place, or needs to take place. Because after a destructive storm there is a calm or tranquility.
      Or it could be a warning that something is about to happen which will give us a challenge.
      It boils down to looking what is going on in our lives, our emotions or pent up emotions, is something that needs to be resolved or is there something that we need to address…perhaps an insight warning us to prepare for an unknown challenge.
      The interpretations how it fits to you can only be answered by you. It seems that I have a lot of soul searching to do because each dream is unique. But stay tuned to the blog when I do start to look into these things I’ll talk about it.
      Yes, external things like medication, or even the type of food, drink, and substances we take have a great influence over sleep quality and dreams.
      The meds puts the body down, but mind is restless, I feel that going to a deep sleep is a gradual process and during the time when the body naturally relaxes and go into rest mode, we ponder things that we normally wouldn’t ponder while awake, or even start to look for solutions to our problems, it influences what we dream about. The meds take that away.
      The meds may relax the body, includes inducing but how it affects the mind overall is another matter.
      There are also external factors that affect out dream. You may find these two posts interested.

      Voice of God

      Extremely Low Frequency (ELF)

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      • Thank you so much for looking up that information on the storms. The tornado dream was always one of the mysteries for me because it would be reoccurring. I miss having the dreams that are vivid, and I barely remember them any longer.

        When I would have the tornado dream, I was in an abusive relationship, so your research made me look back to when the recurring dream stopped, as well as when it began. It probably had something to do with the conflict in that relationship. I think he was my tornado.

        I am going to go check out the links you provided, and I look forward to leaving you some comments on those as well.

        Thank you for taking the time to write all of this. I love to learn new things.

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  2. Your neighbourhood kids sound much nicer than our city kids then if all they wanted was for you to play a game with them. Ours, if you were new to the area, would be threatening or beat you up!

    Very strange and scary dream that. The first photo scares me as I’m scared of walking beneath pylons anyway and am also fairly scared of lightning!

    Wonder if the earth’s rotation thing meant you were having some kind of dizzy spell in reality at the time?


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