Residue Implant


Being in a public government building where people display a variety of emotions according to their mood, life circumstances and desperation; and attaching those emotions it to their eligibility of qualifying for gov’t services; whether the eligibility decision is favorable to them or not; it can leave an energy imprint that becomes part of the building’s energy residue. Another cause of energy residue in a given place is a traumatic event. I believe that some of the building’s residue energy was a factor in this experience. The question is did what I perceived actually happened at some point in the past?

I went to the bathroom to relive myself; it was about that time of day when I usually do the vibrational state energy circulation. Since I was sitting on the bowel and it was that time when I do the vibrational state I decided that I may as well do it since I didn’t bring any reading material with me to read while I was inside the stall.

When I started to circulate the energy; it was like my whole body started to relax immediately. My head became heavy, and I began to see some type of activity.  I don’t know if the activity was related to something that happened in the past, or was connected to a parallel extra physical dimension. I saw that I had something that resembled a fly embedded in inside right side of my stomach. When I began to dig the fly out of my stomach I also found that I was able to see through the stall’s door.

I saw that two figures entered the bathroom; one was an adult, the other one was a child wearing yellow clothing. Then the fly that was embedded in my stomach started to become embedded deeper into my stomach and the color and look became more vivid. As I continued in my attempts to dig it out; I heard a voice say something about being stabbed numerous times. This led me to believe that someone was murdered in this bath room; maybe in the stall that I am using. Then I saw that some water was coming from the stall next to mine after someone entered it. But this experience was becoming too vivid as if I was an active participant. I felt some type of apprehension as the experience was going forward so I made the decision to come out of state ending the experiencing.

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