The Guard Belongs

In the midst of this Corona-Virus business the Mayor of my City Mayor Bill De Blasio’s true colors are coming out. He seems to be a selfish sack of shit. Even continuing his daily work outs at a public gym, while ordering all other public gyms in the entire city closed. His reasoning that he be allowed to continue his regular work outs is because he has to make decisions on behalf of the New York City population.

Well I guess most people kinda figured that he is an out of touch numb nut and being a lame duck  he won’t think before he acts; so the people of NYC, myself included  probably forgave him cause he know not what he is doing.  

But then De Blasio, the sorry sack of shit that he is, goes on a national televised show, and scoffs that The National Guard is not a real military force. What! My beloved National Guard not a real military force! Is this douche bag kidding me?

Did I not initiate my 24 years in the National Guard with a regular Army Drill Sargent in my face at a U.S Army Basic Training Center at Fort Leonardwood, Missouri; wasn’t I trained as a Wire Tactical Specialist at the US Army’s signal School at Fort Gordon, Georgia. Not to mention being trained in the art of Infantry tactics, and trained, qualified & served in various military specialties such as truck driving (transportation), Artillery Crewman (section Chief), Military Police (team leader) as well as being awarded the Combat Action Badge; not to mention serving the State of New York aiding civilian authorities various times ….geez don’t get me started…

Well, I’m not the only one pissed; but this dude below said it all; I’ll go as far as to say that he took the words out of my mouth….


  1. Wow! He really said that? I am surprised that I did not hear about that.

    He should be done after that one, send him to basic training, so he can see for himself.

    Why is this not making the news?

    Thank you for sharing that,
    -John Jr

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