The climate of today’s political scene in America is excited for some people; for others it is a sigh of relief, while for others it is their anguish. No matter what the political point of view, it is unprecedented what has taken place. This is the reason why True_George is taking another rare step to put in an objective say so on the political climate, since the rag tag daily prompt is President

This time four years ago, Donald J Trump made history becoming the first non-career politician to be elected President of the United States. From inception Trump faced the contempt of many. So much that opponents were calling that he be impeached even before he stepped foot in the oval office.

Opponents didn’t accept the outcome of the Presidential election, going as far as saying that the Trump campaign had outside help from foreign governments. So a Special Counsel was commissioned (Mueller Investigation) and charged to investigate collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian intelligence. In the interim, while the Mueller investigation was dragging on; various Congressmen went ahead in their own attempts to draft articles of impeachment; but none of the bills saw the light of day.

After two years, and at a cost of millions of dollars, the Mueller Investigation found that there was no collusion. So the organized effort for impeachment had no merit. Then later on, an intelligence officer stationed at the White House had a problem with how Trump was handling business with the Ukraine.

The allegations became a subject of another investigation, and a hasty push for impeachment. The organized goal for impeachment was successful, but Trump was acquitted by the Senate.  

Flash forward to the 2020 Presidential elections. It was the largest voter turnout in American History; with some people waiting five hours for their turn to vote. However, how the voting process was handled was marred in controversy.

The campaign itself was a hot contest. But, unfortunately, Trump lost the popular vote by a significant margin. This time around, the electoral college delegates went with the popular voter sentiments and casted their votes for Trump’s opponent, the former Vice President under President Barack Obama, Joseph Biden.

In the days before the electoral college delegates met to certify Joe Biden as President. Trump in his earnest attempted to see if he can influence the electoral college delegates to cast their vote for him. Trump influenced his supporters to march on Washington to be heard.

Trump’s supporters, most of them right wing extremists heard the call and answered. They descended on Washington and imposed their way into Capitol Hill. Instead of stopping at the steps, the crowd of supporters made their way in the Capital Hill House of Representatives and Senate building while the electoral college delegates were in session.

The way that the crowd of supporters got into the building was controversial itself. It was caught on camera, that the Capital Police let in many of the crowd unopposed. While in other parts of the building other officers were injured attempting to keep the crowd out. The Department of Defense disapproved requests for the National Guard to intervene.

So, now for the first time in American History, the United States government faced an insurrection from American citizens.

Social media accounts were buzzing, many expressing disapproval of the insurrection. Personally, True_George says that Congress needed this type of protest to take place. Congress members are too complacent, in their bubble and are out of touch with the American people. Congress needed to know that they are not above reproach; their actions, inactions, and mis-actions can be their demise. Hopefully they will take this as a message and start working for the people again. 

I know, I can hear it now. “but, True_George, the crowd were ultra-right wing extremists, they do not represent you.” The answer to this is that not everyone who stormed the Capital were right wing. Perhaps most of them were, but there were others who are anything but right wing. Congress has pissed off People on both sides of the fence. Let’s hope this shake up will make Congress get it together.

So now the cowardly Congress people has voted to impeach Trump a second time. Another historic moment. This marks Trump being the first President in the United States history to be impeached twice during the same term.

Now that the Senate has 50% of Senators representing both parties, and the Vice-President is a member of the opposing party, it is highly likely that Trump will become the first President in history to be convicted of the allegations of his impeachment. Then again, Trump is no longer President, so how can he even be brought up on impeachment charges.

So now there is a new President in office; former Vice- President, Joseph Biden, a career politician who has been a member of Congress for the past forty-seven years. During all his years as a member of Congress Biden, has not been known has a mover or shaker. If anything, he was a mediocre Senator at best.

A yes man and lacky for Storm Thurmond, pushing Thurman’s agenda rather then his own. Eight years after Thurmond left office, Biden became a yes man and lacky again, this time, for President Barack Obama. Right now, one can consider that he is now a yes man for the Democratic party.

Since Trump’s election as the 45th President was marred by contempt since inception. Biden’s election has been welcomed. In fact, people are more excited that America has a female Vice-President, Karmala Harris. Excitement being that not only is she a woman, she is also a person of color.  

It’s a funny thing, but, when I hear the name Karmala; my mind runs on the late professional Wrestler; Karmala the Ugandan Giant. Incidentally, the Wrestler’s real name was James Harris. Isn’t it creepy, two Karmalas named Harris.  

It is speculated that Biden, the oldest person elected President, isn’t the real person making the decisions. The conspiracy theorists are saying that Karmala Harris is the brains behind the Biden administration; and at some point, Biden will step down and officially hand over the reins to Harris. Whether that is going to happen remains to be seen.

In the meantime, social media has been buzzing that Biden will unite America, that Biden will bring dignity to the White House. Well, people have a false sense of security. Biden has never been a mover or shaker;  do we expect that he will suddenly become the nation’s savior.


  1. I can’t understand how they can impeach someone who’s already been voted out!

    Also, I don’t understand how people can protest against the result of an election – that’s surely what democracy is all about – you don’t win every time but you had a vote and you used it and the result is whatever results from those votes. I moan to myself and my friends if the far-left get in here but I wouldn’t protest and nor would anyone I know. I’d just hope for a turnaround at the next election in 4 or 5 years and hope that not too much damage is done in the meantime…


    • They were arguing about voting irrgulaities in some places and the mail in votes. Trump was in a position to address and fix any concerns before the election but he did nothing. Now he lost the popular vote.
      But to be President the candidate doesn’t need to win the popular vote. The Electoral College are the ones who really vote in the President. Traditionally the Eelctoral College go with the popular vote. There has only been two times in history the Electoral College went against the popular vote. It was with Bush jr (first term) and Trump. The popular vote was almost equal.
      This time around Trump was hoping to lobby the Electoral College to vote him back in, but the Electoral College decided to go with the Popular vote. The Vice President’s duty was to certify it. Trump didn’t want him to do it, but the VP knows the election process is bigger then Trump and did his duty.


        • Electoral college was in the constitution from day 1 some states had more population than others so the states with the most population decided who will be elected.
          Today if they were to get rid of the electoral college then the states of California, Texas, New York and Illinois, Pennsylvania will be the ones that determine the outcome of the Presidential election because they have a larger population.
          They don’t have to have a popular vote, but I guess to make people feel they have a say-so who becomes President

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