Toxic To The Core

It started out has a greeting here and there, then the greeting turned into a couple of more words, and then the words turned into small talk. The small talk turned into conversations. At first the conversations was on mutual subjects, but gradually the conversations started to become talk of her problems and personal drama. Hmmm, is this a good thing? Revealing some stuff about herself, what does she want?

t toxic people demons

Then she starts talking about her children, she says that her daughter is caught up with some dude that she doesn’t approve of. Then she says that her son is an angry child. He didn’t grow up with his father and is looking for a male figure. Could I talk to him? I say, “cool,” bring him along with you the next time I see you. She brings him along; I expected to see a high schooler, or someone at least 18 or 19. Instead I see a grown ass man of 24 years old. O.K we get to talking. Come to find out he is an angry young man who is mostly mad at his mother. I’m not sure why? But it all started when he was a pre-teenager at that time period she intentionally decided to take her family into the shelter system so that she can get a fast track to the housing subsidy section 8 program. What happened in the shelter? I’m not sure because they both give deceptive explanations; except for he was involved in an accident which was the only clear thing they mentioned. I quickly find some excuse to leave; they are beginning to drain my energy.

t rise above problem people

A couple of weeks later she calls me complaining that her son met a Russian chick and she has turned him out. He was a 24 year old virgin, now the Russian girl took his virginity; yah, good for her; but and now he is pussy whipped. She doesn’t like the girl because she considers her a conniving jezebel, and girl’s father doesn’t like him; he considers her son as being weak ass and worthless. Funny, looks like me and the girl’s father has a meeting of the mind and we never met. She let it be known she doesn’t want the girl in her house; the girl’s father let it be known he doesn’t want him in his house. I let it be known, it’s not my affair and why are you telling me this?

t drama

So now the woman’s son had dropped out of college and the girl graduated; and when she left the college, she left him too. On the rebound he got together with a divorcee and knocked her up. The divorcee promised to marry him, but when the dust cleared the divorcee lied. She wasn’t a divorcee; she is still a married mother of two children. Except for she doesn’t live with the husband so she considered herself as being divorced. What the fuck is this….! It turns out that she and her husband were still having sex, and she was having sex with other dudes too. So what makes that sorry sack of shit son of this woman think that he is the child’s father? Well that’s beyond me because he does not want to take a DNA test to find out. He says if he asks for one the fake divorcee will get upset. I’m thinking it’s a good thing this dude’s daddy isn’t around because if he was I know he would have slapped some sense in ass….I’m looking for a way out of listening to this silly drama.

t keep calm

So now the woman is asking me to hang out with her. She gets tickets for a play, she asked me to go with her. I refused. She has tickets to a hip hop concert she asked me to go with her. I refused. She says there is a free concert at the Roy Wilkins Park and asked me to meet her there. I didn’t go. She says some motivational speaker is giving a speech, and she asked me to go with her. I refused. She calls I don’t take anymore of her calls. I say to myself I hope she gets the hint. I don’t want to hang out with her; I don’t want to party with her; I don’t want any pussy from her; and I certainly don’t want her to give me head either. For the love of sparing hurt feelings, she does not get the hint so now I have to tell her to fuck off……she is too toxic, drama filled parasite robbing me of my energy.

t inspire or drain


  1. Any suggestions of how to rid my life of my toxic mother-in-law? I married her child, NOT her! Love her son, that’s why we got married back in 1995. Still together today. Tried to a different state from his parents. Now we have moved to a state that they live in. Thank God we no longer live in the same city! She is not far enough away for me, though.


  2. What a crazy, crazy story. Cutting out toxic people from our lives can be really hard, but worth all the trouble. It’s clear the woman you’ve been having trouble with needs someone to talk to, but it’s perfectly fine if that person isn’t you. Best of luck in breaking free the toxicity!

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