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This dream was a strange one. This fused memories of the past and put them together in a distorted manner. It is unknown what would trigger old memories or did this type of dream even have a point to it, or even a hidden message? There is a combination of being a participant in the dream’s events and watching the events. The switching between participating in the events and watching events was systematic. But I believe based on certain experiences that took place years before.

I saw the windows of the bedroom in the house that I used to live in when I was much younger (from infancy to the age of 13). I saw two beds attached to each other, and I saw at least three to four people sharing the bed. I was among those people, and in the first person I was trying to fit in a space in the bed. While I was lying down in the bed the blanket was not large enough to cover my whole body. I then saw the double windows, there was a breeze coming through blowing the curtains, yet, I could not feel the breeze, I heard myself say, “I wonder if the windows are open.”

The scene shifted to a place that resembled the apartment that I lived in during my teenage years; I saw family members, they were there for an occasion, I don’t know what the occasion was. There was a scene where I wanted to go to the bathroom but somebody was in the bathroom. It was a woman; she looked like BW, my sister’s childhood playmate.  I wanted to go in the bathroom to correct something, but she had the door locked and would not open the door. I saw my sister complain to my mother about the situation, and of course I got in trouble over it. The rest I don’t remember what happened.

The next scene I saw was the apartment, and some of the family was exiting the kitchen after breakfast, I saw an unidentified woman with long hair walking among them.

Next, I saw that same woman in the corner crouch down, and hiding her face, she was trying to make a phone call. The phone was the exact yellow phone that was on the wall in the apartment. I went over to the woman and guided her to stand up straight, and I took her hands away from her face, the woman was a Hispanic, but the face is unfamiliar to me. I said to her “I’ll make the phone call for you,” I made the phone call and gave it to the woman…. I don’t remember what happened after that.

I then saw my sister’s bedroom in the old apartment, but the only thing I saw were the cat’s paw prints on the red carpet leading to the kitchen…. I have no recollection what happened after that.

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  1. Hello True George,

    I finally posted my family gathering dream from last night, unfortunately most of the interesting and important details have been forgotten, but it is better than nothing.

    -John Jr


  2. Hello True George,

    What a coincidence, my only dream that I can now remember part of from last night also involved an unknown family gathering, but I have not typed my dream yet.

    Thank you for sharing your dream,
    -John Jr

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