The Crossing


This is one of those dreams that did not make any sense to me. It was written down how it was remembered. There could have been gaps that were forgotten and could have made the meaning of this dream clear. But if anyone has an insight just send me a message.

The setting was the North Pole but judging from what was remembered it was Alaska at the point of the Bering strait Sea crossing to Siberia……

I had to go to the North Pole, (the location was mentioned in the dream) to help someone carry something. As to what it was, I don’t know, or it was not clear. It seemed that there was a crossing and that it can be made only during the summer months. The crossing point was a dried up ocean. Which I found curious because during the winter months any water crossing is frozen, thus becoming a land bridge. The crossing point was green and fertile and when we were making the crossing the path turned into a compound. It looked and felt like the bridal path in Prospect Park. There were birds flying above and they started to drop their droppings;  it was like bombs falling. I had something to protect myself from the falling droppings, but the person whom I was with did not have anything to protect her. We were just about near to the edge of the crossing, so I pulled her to the bank. When we were at the other side it seemed that the air force had sent a transport plane to pick us up. The plane landed in the woods; it was concealed between some trees. It just about made the landing. The Captain greeted us. The plane backed out of its position to take off, yet I did not see it take off.

At the North Pole I was in the tourist section it was on the border of the US and Soviet Union. I was traveling in a car approaching the parking lot; all the parking spaces were filled. Then I saw a man waving to me directing me to a parking space. The spot was located to the left of the first car. After I parked I saw the border guard with an AK47. The man that directed me to the spot was a Russian. He directed me to the spaces on the Soviet side of the border. He said that I had to pay an extra fee to park where I am parking. I thought that if I give the guard something I wouldn’t have to pay the exclusive fee. I gave the man some money, and when he went to get change either myself or I told one of my passengers to back the car out and move it back to the US side of the border. The car was backed out of the space. As the car was being backed out of the space, they came running out to stop me. I thought that there is no way that I will be paying that fee. I ended up at a village that was built by the government to do research in the area.

I went to see what the tourist came to see. There was an ice crossing leading to a round object, it looked like a round well. The object represented the center of the world, I looked inside it, I saw a lot of swirling, as though there was a storm, or a whirl pool. I was not really impressed at the attraction. I was back at the border this time the border guard was selling Soviet Government property. I gave him some money and he gave me an AK47. I said that this weapon is inferior to the M16 but similar. I ejected the rounds, and inspected the barrel to make sure there was no more rounds in the chamber before I dismantled it so that I could take it across the U.S border.

I was back at the village, I went to the edge of a lake; it was the source of the village’s water supply. I put my hand in the water. The lake turned out to be a hot spring. In the middle of the North Pole a hot spring existed. The scene turned into summer scene from winter.

Then the scene shifted, the dried up ocean crossing appeared. The U.S military built a shelter from the bird droppings, it covered the width of the crossing, and there was a second one under construction next to it. They looked like large airplane hangars. You could hear the bird droppings bouncing off the roof.

The scene shifted to a family;  the family had a small child. The child was around 2-4 years old, or at the age where they are running around. All of a sudden the child disappeared. The family was looking for the child, but could not find him. The child’s father appeared as an old man. While he was walking, he saw someone that looked like him. It was the lost child. The lost child also appeared as an old man. They looked exactly alike. The father recognized the child.

The scene shifted to the living room; the child was with the family then he disappeared again, the family was looking for him, and they were worried. Then the child reappeared behind the couch, they child may have been hiding from them.

The family was being watched, the family and child went out somewhere, and the spy entered the living room. He was looking for a place to hide. The spy was a KGB agent. He finally found a hiding place it was under the bed. Then another spy entered the room. This time it was a CIA agent, he was also spying on the family. He was looking in the living room. As the family was approaching the spy quickly started to look for a hiding place. He went under the bed where he saw the other agent. They both had to stay where they were because the family was now in the living room……

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