Tinker Bell


I was back at the offices of the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC) I was there to participate in another vibrational state laboratory. Once in the room I went through the motions of installing the vibrational state for some reason it was harder to move the energies, however I did attain the vibrational state for a period of time. In this particular lab there was no real experience that happened; at least it is how I remembered it. The only exception is that I saw the presence of two tall men; they were saying something but I cannot recall what was said; after that it became harder to maintain the vibrational state. After attempting to install the vibrational state for a second time, I felt the vibration come up through my legs and continued up to the body. Then I heard a noise; it sounded like a mini helicopter and then I saw a small being; perhaps it is a helper; it looked like a small Tinkerbell and it land on my right leg. I didn’t pay it any mind or make an attempt to communicate with it since the time limit up for the vibrational state lab was over. The only thing I did was that I took myself out of the altered state and left the room.

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  1. Hello True George,

    That was an interesting experience, thank you for sharing that.

    Trying to imagine the little Tinker Bell-like entity making a mini-helicopter noise when it flew made me laugh.

    -John Jr

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