This experience was another unusual one; and again, it was back to snakes. It started out when I saw images of me and my hunting partner; we had a truck and we were tasked to catch snakes, the Burmese Python.

I felt feelings that I didn’t like to go out and hunt the Python, but I did it because I needed the money. We caught the snakes and turned them over to the owner of the garage where the truck was parked at night.

During the last run, I got a hold of two small machines. I told my partner after we grab the snake’s head, instead of putting the live snake in the sack, we’ll just shove the snake’s head in the machine. The machine will cut the snake’s head off, killing it. Maybe they’ll pay us more money because they wouldn’t have to kill the snake themselves.

I cannot recall, if using the machine was going to be used as the standard method of cutting off the snake’s head after catching it. The sentiments that I felt was that the garage owner wanted the snake alive. 

On a particular day, we came to the garage to get the truck, but the garage was closed. Nobody was allowed to go into the garage. That is because all the snakes that the garage owner collected escaped. Now the garage was infested with snakes.

Everyone thought that the garage owner killed the snakes to sell the skin to shoe and coat manufacturers, and the meat to restaurants, but he just kept them in a tank. They now have escaped, and it wasn’t just the Pythons it was an assortment of snakes. People who had entered the garage didn’t exit, they were killed and devoured by the snakes.  The snakes not only killed and devoured humans, any stray dogs, cats and rats that entered the garage was met with the same fate. 

The larger snakes were tangled up in the middle of the garage while the smaller snakes were hunting down prey.

When all the prey in the garage was hunted down, and no more humans decided to go into the garage and be victims, the snakes turned on themselves. They started to devour each other. The smaller snakes were consumed by the larger snakes. This went on until only the largest snakes were left.

Then the scene shifted to what looked like the house where I spent my childhood years. There was some type of machine in the house, it looked like a vending machine, and there was an unidentified woman working the machine. She took it to the garage area to operate it.

But, when she turned her back, the machine transformed into its real appearance, a reptilian being. He attempted to grab the woman, but I was there and beat it back with a stick. Then we ramped up the machine and filled the machines tank with milk. The reptilian snake didn’t like it, and it was repealing him. But then the motor operated beyond its capacity and it started to go up in flames. The fire spread and burnt up the reptilian snake killing it.

Then the scene flashed back to the snakes that infested the truck garage. Only the largest snakes were left; then the snakes started to transform to into a reptilian being.  The reptilian beings multiplied, the reptilian beings multiplied so much that they were about to infest the rest of the city once they get out of the garage.

 There was no way of stopping them. They tried shooting them, they tried snake repellent, nothing worked. So, it was decided to burn down the garage, allowing the fire to kill them.

The garage was set ablaze and it burned down, and the reptilian beings were killed.

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            • Yeah, being the family’s caretaker can be stressful. Yet, it is stress or relaxation that brings out profound subjective experience. I like to use relaxation because physically it is more beneficially. Stress tend to wear you down physically over time.
              At least take 10 or 15 min per day and use it for mental relaxation. The easiest method to start with is closing your eyes and take deep breaths in a controlled manner. Inhale deeply, hold it for two or three seconds,then exhale…


              • Breathing exercises are one thing I can’t do – I’m not a very hysterical person normally but, due to me already having lung problems, if I take notice of my breathing, I can start to panic and start to breathe all wrong. So I just ignore it and let it get on with it by itself. I do some forms of meditation (like candle meditation etc.) occasionally where I don’t involve noticing my breathing but not very often.


                • If you have lung problems then taking deep breaths will help not only will you feel calmer; it will exercise the lung making it stronger. Breathing is one of the most natural thing that we do. Unless a person hyperventilate, there is no danger when doing breath exercise.
                  Hyperventilate is when a person cannot catch their breath and panics, deep breathing can even prevent hyperventilating.
                  Do you have COPD? Asthma?
                  Another method of relaxation is progressive relaxation; where you tense each body part. The body tends to relax after you tense it for a few seconds then release.


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